Under 16's Package FOR FREE through the Netball Universe Lotto

Under 16's Package FOR FREE through the Netball Universe Lotto

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Secure 5 x £10 per month Netball Universe Lotto Direct Debits participants (or 10 x £5 per month) prior to season starting. This would give Direct Debit participants 30 tickets/chances per draw to win the NU Lotto JACKPOTS (15 tickets per draw for £5 per month participants).
Sell 150 Lotto tickets for the Halloween NU Lotto
Sell 150 Lotto tickets for the Christmas NU Lotto 
Sell 150 Lotto tickets for the Valentines NU Lotto
Sell 150 Lotto tickets for the End of Season NU Lotto

As an example, the jackpot for 28th May 2019 is £2000!!!


Mandatory Welsh Netball Affiliation Fee
Pre-season Sessions
- League Entry Fees (A470 Senior Netball League)
- Umpiring Fees (A470 Senior Netball League)
- Training Fees (Including Strength & Conditioning)
- All Coaching
- Your RCT Rockets team & individual photo shoot (With John Newman)

- RCT Rockets Dress
- RCT Rockets 1/4 Zip Sweater
- RCT Rockets T-Shirt  
- RCT Rockets Leggings
- RCT Rockets Kit Bag
- RCT Rockets Sweat Towel


Superleague Experience @ Team Bath (Ticket & bus) or Superleague Experience @ Fast 5 (Optional for Under 16's who are @ Team Bath) (Ticket & bus)... The NU Lotto will cover the most expensive one!
- 1 x End of Season Presentation Evening ticket
- Special Pre-season trips transport (E.g. £3 each for bus to go to sand dunes)
- Smiffle.com Acrylic Block of photo of your choice


1st instalment deadline - Friday 7th June 2019*
2nd instalment deadline - Friday 2nd August 2019
3rd instalment deadline - Friday 27th September 2019
4th instalment deadline - Friday 29th November 2019

*refunds on the 1st instalment can be made anytime until 31st July 2019. All payments after this date are non-refundable as commitments for the entire 2018/19 season need to be confirmed on 1st August 2019.